Dump 'Em was featured as The Hot Topic on The View.

Watch Jodyne on Good Morning America.

See her talk about how to end relationships with grace and respect on The Early Show.

Why not check her out on Rachael Ray.

Or dance her way onto The Bonnie Hunt Show.

Jodyne on the WPIX Morning News in New York City.

KTLA in Los Angeles had a few things to ask her. Take a look.

In addition Jodyne has been featured on NPR, Fox and Friends and WGBH. She's also been a recurring guest on Leeza Gibbons Hollywood Confidential, as well as Sirius XM's Martha Stewart Living Radio, OutQ, The Judith Regan Show, The Jay Thomas Show and Cosmolicious. 

Jodyne writes about other things as well. Check out her column in The Huffington Post.

She was also mentioned in The New Yorker for her contribution in the book Cassette from My Ex.

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Look for an upcoming interview in GQ Magazine.


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